2015 Travel Recap Part 1: January to March

Whew! It is almost time to start planning our 2016 travel (we have already started actually), but we lets do a little recap on where we have gone this year.  It is hard to imagine that it has already been a year.  OK ok stop rambling.

So between January to June were pre-blog times, but I did actually post some of our larger trips on my blog after I created it.  Hence why you see our cruise and our Scotland trip before my “Hello World” post.

So in January we we went to Brussels, Belgium.  Unfortunately this was pre-blog so I am not able to share our trip.  In fact, I don’t even think I even wrote a review.  But I will go ahead and share where we stayed and what we saw.  We stayed at Condo Gardens Brussels and we booked via Bookings.com.  We arrived late in the evening and it can be easily missed.  There are not many street lights and it is not very well lit.  Our aparthotel was very nice and large.  Our room was big enough for 6 people.  It had a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining area.  They do having parking but it was quite tight for our SUV to fit through the gate.  We were not near local transit so we decided to drive and park which was not badly priced.  Many of the attractions were closed in January, but we did go to Océade (and indoor water park) and of course the Grand Place.


In March, we went to a few places! We went to Cochem, Germany for some sightseeing as a day trip.  It took 2 hours since my husband missed our exit… he is fired from driving, BUT I will forgive him since the drive was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I highly recommend the drive along the Moselle!

Cochem is a gorgeous little village, but please keep in mind that in the winter time many shops are closed.  We were able to squeeze into the last tour for Reichsburg Castle.  The cost was about 12 euro and the kids were free. It is absolutely gorgeous castle and you can see quite a bit of it!

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Also in March, We went to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (for skiing)!  If you are military definitely check out the post and the ski rental area too.  We stayed at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort (which is a military resort).

The photos showing skiing are taken in Garmisch.  The landscape photos are actually of Austria and of course King Ludwig’s castle Neuschwanstein.  Tip: If you are planning on seeing the castles PLEASE reserve ahead of time.  I was sad we were not able to do a tour but you can see the castles’ exterior without a tour! You will need a couple of hours to go up the mountain and back.  Yes there are coaches and there is even a trackless train that go up there.

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Where did you go January to March? Anywhere we went?  I will be posting our Travel Recap for April to June soon!

Thank you for reading! Please comment, share and like!



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