Bad Durkheim Durkheimer Wine Festival

Well I have obviously not been on here in awhile! We’ve been busy travelling around. This weekend the kids and I checked out the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt. We had a great time! Tip for next year: get cash BEFORE you go there. All of the ATMs were not working. On the way home drove on B37, but couldn’t see the beautiful landscape

… so we checked that out yesterday! I wanted to check out Frankenstein Castle, but I couldn’t figure out how to get up to it. So instead we checked out Hardenburg Castle… which is amazing!  Here is a blog post on this castle… click here!  It is on our list of cool castles. It was 3e for 1 adult and three children to get in!  The castle is absolutely beautiful and you can explore quite a bit of it.  It is a ruin so it is of course not in all of it glory.

The awesome thing is that the Frankenstein & Hardenburg castles are not at all far from each other AND they are both on B37!


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