Helping Your Children Remember

As being a world traveler at a very young age I don’t remember anything from our family’s travels.  Honestly I hardly even remember my travels when I was in US Navy.  Of course I know my children are not going to remember every single detail of our multiple trips, but I want to at least try to keep parts of it in their memory.  I wish I would have bought more souvenirs while travelling rather than other things.  Keep this in mind!

And how can we do that?


Everywhere we go we pick up a miniature of a building (castle) or a landmark (phone booth).


One of the oldest forms of remembering! The photo can show what you were wearing (obviously) and where you are located.  If you have your photos printed out you can write on the back where and when you are. Digital photos you can save the file who it is where you are (ex. kidsandicroatia2015).

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Travel Blog!

Why not catalog your vacation via a blog? Not only can you reference it, but you can also share it with the world.  There are THOUSANDS of people wanting to know what you did AND you can share it with your kids as well.  Plus it helps YOU remember what you did as well.



Personally we don’t take very many videos of places we go, but I do post a few of our adventures on my Facebook page.  It is nice to go watch them every once in awhile.

So those are a few ways to remember where you have been and you have seen! How do you remember you vacations?  How do you share you stories with your children? I love it when we are watching movies that show landmarks and my kids notice them! And they said “I’ve been there!”.  Greatest feeling EVER!

Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to share your thoughts below. And please share!


10 thoughts on “Helping Your Children Remember

  1. I remember a lot of bits and pieces from my Army Brat travels. I took a lot of pictures of my kids while we traveled. We also made memory books. I let them pick from a variety of activities so it had more meaning, thus more memories for them.

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  2. All great ideas.

    I’d love to see them involved when they get to such an age, where they get to have a say in the travel planning as well 🙂

    Doesn’t this digital age make it so easy to capture, keep and store memories!!

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  3. I used to love looking through our photo albums as a kid, in fact I’ve taken all of the photos out and mixed them all up – such a mess but a mess made with love! There is that fear that because we are in the digital age we’ll forget to print, good idea!


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