Guest Bloggers Wanted For A Super Awesome Project!

Howdy!  Kid Friendly Europe 101 is looking for some awesome bloggers for piece we are working on.


You must be a parent.

You don’t HAVE to have a blog.

So here is what it is all about! Please write a 300-500 word post about your kid-less adventure.  Yes! KID-LESS.  It can be to anywhere.  Well except for your date night to the grocery store.  You actually HAVE to be away from your kids for AT LEAST a 36 hour period… preferably an overnight trip.  Tell me all about your trip (no juicy details por favor).  Tell us where you went, what did you see, and of course we want to know if you missed your kids.

Please submit to NLT (no later than) January 16th.  Yes.  I do accept multiple submissions.  This will be a combination post.  YES please include ALL of your social media links. Please submit at least 3 photos… with you and your significant other.

Unfortunately this is an unpaid proposition.  This is a submission from the goodness of your heart to help other parents have a super amazing getaway… from their kids for a moment.




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