Wine Glasses & Sippy Cups: A European Dining Tip

So unlike the good ol USA, when you go out to restaurants in beautiful Europe please be sure to bring your very own kid cups (if you need them) Though since we’ve been here for over a year, dining out has been easier for us.

Funny story: I’m currently visiting my parents in Prague.  My dad is here on a business trip and my mom is tagging along. We were ordering drinks at a nice pizzaria. My mom asked the waitress if they had cups with lids. I had to let her know that restaurants in Europe do not do that… well unless you go to McDonald’s or something similar. So there my kids were drinking out of wine glasses. But they do well. Nothing broken! Hooray! They are getting so posh!

So if you’re heading out around … anywhere and you feel uncomfortable about your wee ones drinking out of glass. Be sure to bring your own cups!  Heck I bring paper plates and plastic cups on all of our trips. Makes life better and easier.

Happy travels!


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