Disneyland Paris!



Hey everyone! So here is my review of our Labor Day weekend!

Who is excited? Me!

Please keep in mind the pricing is for a family of 5. We have a SUV and coming from the Rhineland Pfalz area.

So we stayed 4 nights at Iris Parc Le Chene Gris(http://www.irisparc.co.uk/camping-le-chene-gris/

) and our price for the ENTIRE stay was 185 EURO! It was a fantanstic site. We didn’t use the pool but we did use the “indoor” playground and we did eat at the restaurant. I also checked out their little grocery store. Which is pretty well stocked.

If you stay at this location you need to bring your own linens and towels. If you like having your own pillows you can bring those too but they have them available. We had a 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom home. Please keep in mind it is small. It didn’t bother us at all. There are also no TVs in the units as well. WiFi is only available at the bar/reception area… which was fine for us (well maybe not my college student husband).

The location is about 20 or so minutes from Disneyland Paris which is fantastic. We went to Disney on Friday and Saturday of this past weekend. On Friday it wasn’t that packed so it was pretty nice! The lines were also not too long either. We parked at the park which was 15 euro. With our MILITARY DISCOUNT it was 50% off the ticket price! Unfortunately I met another military family there that didn’t know of this discount. Also be sure to contact Disney before you go to ensure they still offer this discount!

Disney has a picnic area but we had no issues with bringing outside food and drinks into the park and no one ever said anything to us. BUT even though we brought our own food we still ate at the park. We ate at the BBQ place by the Frozen Sing-along stadium and we ate burgers by Armageddon. They were very good! The pricing on food/beverages are not bad at all.

On Sunday we went to Paris. We parked outside of the city in Vincennes, France and rode the subway into Paris. For the 5 of us the train tickets were about 34 euro. Since we were so exhausted from Disney and we had been to Paris already all we did was hang out around the Tour Eiffelfor a few hours and then we headed back to our car to go back to the campsite.

There is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL Chateaux in Vincennes that you should certainly check out!

Gas: (Germany side) $38 (keep in mind that US military stationed IN Germany gets fueled based on US pricing so this will be different for you).
Gas: (France) 80 euro
Tolls: 68 euro (from the campsite to Euro Disney/Paris it is 2.20 each way) – there is a big toll coming and going which is about 23 euro each way and then there is another toll right after Forbach (4.40)


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