Landal Warsburg Glamping Weekend

My children and I had a FANTASTIC weekend at Landal Warsberg.  We booked our vacation through Canvas Holidays.  For three nights in their 2-bedroom classic it was 75 USD.  The unit had 2 bedrooms, split bathroom (shower/sink on one side and toilet on the other), equipped kitchen, dining room and patio.  The units included pillows and blankets.  You have the option to rent linen or bring your own.  We chose to bring our own linen since it saved us some pocket change. Landal Warsberg has many amenities such as an indoor pool, a restaurant on site, mini golf, a large playground,

mewineLandal Warsberg is situated just above the absolutely beautiful village of Saarburg.  On Friday, the kids and I did as what Worldwide with Kids mentioned to check out: the castle (which we didn’t see… but from afar we did!), the waterfall and the vineyards.  So on Friday morning, the kids and I strode out to do the down-mountain hike.  It was an absolutely beautiful site.  The view is absolutely spectacular! Then we went into the “city” (as my
kids called it) and walked around a bit.  Then we headed back up to the campsite.  We took the cable car up! Right where the cable car drops off at is the Sommerrodelbahn.  Now that is an attraction that kids will absolutely love! We spent a good hour riding the toboggans.  We will be sure to check out all of these especially when the weather shapes up after the said hard winter we may have (who knows?).

On Saturday we did a quick trip Luxembourg.  Unfortunately we didn’t get out of the car. Shortly before we arrived my two little ones fell asleep, but at least my oldest son and I were able to check out the sites a little bit.  It is such a beautiful country and city.  It is very modern.  Then we headed back to camp.

I think money-wise we did great on this trip.  Here is the breakdown:

Cabin: 75 USD

Euro: 115 USD worth

Gas: 45 USD (and I still have 1/2 a tank!)

Total: $235

** We brought our own food to cut costs, but we did buy some snacks.

Check out my inspiration post of what we did on our camping trip HERE via!

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