My Top 5 Deutsch Weihnachtsmärkte Wish List

Christmas Market in Heidelberg

What is a Weihnachtsmärkte? Weihnachtsmärkte meaning “Christmas Markets” are beautiful Christmas-themed markets that spring up ALL over Germany and all over the world, but since I am currently residing in Germany this wish list is for here.  Last year was a bit of a bust checking out Christmas markets in Germany.  Though yes, I did go to a very select few but this year I want to visit more… obviously.  To give an idea of WHY last year was such a “bust” I only went to FOUR … that’s IT.  Just 4 markets.  Don’t get me wrong they were amazing! Well most of them were.

My favorite Christmas was St. Wendel.  It is TWO Christmas markets in 1.  2 for 1. Can’t beat that.  There is TONS to do for your little ones including a mini sled hill! There is also a medieval market that features a LIVE Nativity scene. My second favorite is in Heidelberg.  It is a rather large and spread out market, but very beautifully decorated AND you can not miss Schloss Heidelberg! Be sure to climb up and see the town all lit up! Saarbruecken, & Kaiserslautern (MULTIPLE TIMES) were smaller Christmas markets which were nice for a quick Christmas market experience, but now I am ready for this season.

My Wish List:

  1. Dresden; Why not go to one of  Germany’s oldest Christmas markets!? AND see the World’s Largest nutcracker!
  2. Rothenberg ob der Tauber: EVERYONE recommends this Christmas market… so why not?
  3. Nuremburg is of course on my list since it is “World Famous”
  4. Cologne (Koln): Although we have visited Koln, we have not been to the Christmas market! I would LOVE to see the cathedral lite up.  I am pretty sure my daughter will think it is Elsa’s castle.
  5. Berlin: I have always wanted to visit Berlin.  So why not hit 2 birds with 1 stone?

I am sure I will be checking out other Christmas markets, but these 5 are on my wish list. I am also going to be checking out the Christmas market in London at the end of this month AND I am sure I will be checking out the markets in Strasbourg & Metz, France.

Happy Christmas Market hopping!

Check out Christmas Markets that are opening THIS weekend!


One of my favorite things about Christmas time is… the Christmas markets! And great news for you all! There are some…

Posted by Kid-Friendly Europe 101 on Tuesday, November 17, 2015


17 thoughts on “My Top 5 Deutsch Weihnachtsmärkte Wish List

  1. Interesting. I’ve only been to few Christmas markets here in Europe and thats the ones in Helsinki, Paris and Brussels. They’re fun but too cold and crowdy 😀 I loved the hot chocolates and mulled wine they serve though! Those I miss and should not be missed!

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  2. What a trip! I’ll be keen to follow as we are going to Germany in April and Cologne is on our list! I’ve visited Berlin before, highly recommend it – an open air museum!

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