Join Us on Twitter on November 12th for #KidTravel_Chat!

Hello everyone!

I am so excited about #kidtravel_chat this Thursday.  This #TwitterParty is about Kid Travel in general.  This won’t be about Europe, US, UK, or Asian destinations directed. I would love to thank my amazing co-hosts, @LearningEscapes & @WorldWideWithK . Be sure to click on them to follow their Twitter Pages.

Here are the questions so that you can go ahead and set them up through HootSuite or another application you use. Please do not forget to use  so that everyone can see your response!

Please keep in mind that the chat is 7pm Central European Time.

London: 6PM

NYC:1:00 pm

Houston: 12:00pm

Tokyo: 3:00 am (on Friday)

The Questions

(7:00) Q1 Welcome to #kidtravel_chat! TY to our amazing co-hosts @LearningEscapes & @WorldWideWithK! Where is everyone located?

(7:05) Q2 What has been your all time favorite holiday with your child(ren)? . Post a pic!

(7:10) Q3 What items must you bring when you go on vacation with kids?  Melatonin anyone?

(7:20) Q4 Do you ever go to all inclusive resorts? What is your favorite? 

(7:25) Q5 What type of accommodations do you use while on holiday? Glamp? Camp? Hotel? Apartment?  What websites do you use? 

(7:30) Q6.  Have you ever stayed in a unique accommodation? Castle? Treehouse? Where? Post photos! 

(7:35) Q7. What is on your travel wishlist? 

(7:40) Q8. Lets talk #2016. Where are you going this year?  

(7:45) Q9 Thank you for hanging out with us!  Let us know what you thought! 

HUGE thanks to my co-hosts! Here are their blog websites!


Learning Escapes


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