I am Jennifer

meHello everyone!

So I know that I have really NEVER formally introduced myself.  So just for y’all amazing followers.. here are some questions that I have answered… so here I go.

What is your name?

Hello! My name is Jennifer.

What is your connection to Kid Friendly Europe 101?

I am the sole blogger of Kid Friendly Europe.

Where are you from?

My family and I are originally from the USA.  I can’t really pinpoint a “state” that we call home since we currently live in Germany, but I am originally from Texas

Do you have an occupation?

Currently I am currently a SAHM taking care of my 4 year old daughter.  I have a bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University.

What brought you to the blogging world?

I have been traveling around the world since I was itty bitty. I enjoy traveling more than anything in the world… well except for my family. I love them more! BUT I get to travel WITH my family! I have always written reviews for places that we have been to.  Last year we moved here to Europe and we started traveling and I would post more lengthy reviews on my Facebook page Then I decided to share it more openly so I started Kid-Friendly Europe 101 on Facebook.  And then in June 2015 I decided to launch a full on website! Though something was wrong with my account was not working correctly.  It was a setting or something.  Then last month I was able to fix my account and now my website is booming.  Then I updated my Twitter account to KidFriendlyEuro and it boomed! Very happy about that.

How much longer will you be in Europe? 

We really have no idea how much longer we will be in Europe for.  Longer the better so I can continue to write about European travel for all you amazing people!

Where have you been this year?

We have been to several places in Rhineland Pfalz (Germany); Prague, CZ; Zadar, Croatia; Savona, Rome, Sicily, Italy; Mallorca & Barcelona, Spain; Edinburgh, Scotland; Paris, Metz, Forbach, France; Vianden & Luxembourg, Luxembourg; La Valleta, Malta & drove through Austria & Switzerland.

What has been your favorite trip?

Croatia! Absolutely beautiful!

Do you have any pre-planned trips coming up?

Yes! London this month and French Riviera in April.

What are 3 items you HAVE to bring on trips? 

Passport, Sanity and Melatonin. Haha

Thank you so much! Have any questions to ask me?  Please add in the comments!! 


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