How To Travel Light…. With Kids

This was us moving… just kidding. Felt like it though!

Travel light with kids? What does THAT mean? No seriously.  What does that mean?! OK so since I have lived in Europe we have learned to significantly lighten our load. Keep in mind that when we moved here to Europe we EACH had 2 suitcases each (so 10 TOTAL HUGE suitcases), each of us also had a carry-on (backpacks), personal item, and plus we had two dog crates. I hated it and it was very stressful. We will NEVER EVER do that again.  I am shipping a lot more next time.

Dry-Your-Clothes-ClotheslineSo now when we travel, each one of us get our own carry-on suitcase … yup just a carry-on.  I mean do you really need 1 (one) outfit for 14 days? No.  You don’t. And the awesome thing is that you don’t have a million things to wash and put away once you get home! So here is what we do.  Short trips: Each child gets 1 outfit per day… but we know that sometimes accidents happen right?  Especially for my daughter.. she gets a few extra outfits.  Long Trips: Keep in mind that MOST hotels have laundry rooms and if they don’t scope out your surrounding area for one! We ALWAYS get apartments and they usually…. usually have a washing machine… that is it.  Though I have to say that I did wash clothes in the bathroom sink on the cruise.  Going on a cruise be sure to bring clothes for ALL days and if all fails do get your clothing washed by the ship if you absolutely have to! No need to do it! 🙂

Check them out here!
Check them out here!

If you have younger children, BRING their stroller.  Even if they are really not going to sit in it  Why? You can use it as a luggage trolley! Though I would highly recommend bringing a stroller than can make it on cobblestone roads. We brought our Jeep stroller to Prague in May… lets just say we had to throw it away.  The frame was completely bent in a million ways.  Keep in mind that MANY airlines allow you to check 2 baby items in for FREE!! What I do recommend is a hiking backpack for smaller children.  I had a Sherpani baby hiking backpack and it was amazing! Super padded straps that didn’t dig into you and it had compartments to put in diapers, wipes, clothing, bottles/cups and etc. With a hiking backpack you won’t need a stroller.  I even used my backpack as my daughter’s highchair! Car seats?  Unless you ABSOLUTELY need one.  Don’t bring them.  Most rental companies already have them unless they charge an arm and leg than bring them.

What are your tips for traveling light?


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