How To Save Money Traveling with Kids: Kid Friendly Europe 101


How to Save Money Traveling? With Kids? Yes.  It can be done. Anyways. So I am always asked “How in the world do you find the awesome deals?” Well… I am not telling you. Kidding! I honestly do a LOT of searching. It can take days and weeks to find the perfect deal.

But to be honest I do NOT have a set calendar of places that I tend to go to.  We seriously travel when we feel like traveling. Well unless it was our cruise or when we went to Scotland.  London, Prague, Croatia, Paris…. so on and so on… were all scheduled within a month (or less) of us leaving.

So here are my tips: (I have inserted hyperlinks to my other blogs if we have used a certain service)

  • Ask FRIENDS or other people where they have been & how they searched for their deals. I “stalk” some of my friend’s Facebook pages to see wfriendshere they have been.  I also have joined many travel groups for my local area! It also gives me an idea of what to see while we are in that location.  I certainly know that I have some Facebook stalkers stalking my page… YES I KNOW. 😉 But I am totally happy with knowing that they are taking my advice.  Plus if I didn’t want people know my tips .. why start a blog in the first place? Right!
  • Sometimes I just find it myself. “Google” is your friend. Put in exactly what you want to find. I.e. “All inclusive camping Europe” or “all-inclusive resorts Europe”.
  • For Airfare I look on Skyscanner since it also searches the cheaper airlines! I also look on the actual airline websites as well. Moving up or down the dates can help adjust the pricing.  Here are some examples of airfare websites
  • For lodging, Tripping is a great website that searches multiple websites, but I really love Wimdu.
  • Looking for activities to check out in your travel area?  You might find me weird but I find many of the places I want to check out by searching on Google Maps. Click on the Earth and then a TON of photos come up below. You can zoom in or zoom out to find more locations!
  • Food: We all have to nourish our bodies right?  But sitting in a restaurant and having to pay for everyone can get priceyShopping Trolley / Grocery Cart Cut Out(depending on where you are of course).  Since we are a family of 5, we bring our own food.  We always eat breakfast and dinner at our accommodation and we will eat lunch out or we will bring sandwich making items.  Also sometimes we will bring our own food from home in a cooler or if we fly somewhere we will buy all of our cold items there and sometimes we bring our own non perishable items. We also bring our own drinks if we drive! Drinks are so €€€ (expensive) here! Talking about 3€ per drink. Best advice go to the store and stock up! Also many cities such as Rome & Paris have water fountains! Bring some empty water bottles with you.  Unfortunately in Germany I have NOT seen many water fountains BUT I have seen them in parks.

Another way to save money is to schedule activities in advance. For example, you can get up to 30% off if you book your London Pass before you go! I would also recommend using Groupon (I have included the German Groupon.  If you are looking for other Groupons just change the .de to your country’s URL ending) and Living Social (I have put the UK URL)! Yes! Other countries use those services!

If you have any questions please feel free to comment. Thank you for your amazing support & be sure to subscribe!


12 thoughts on “How To Save Money Traveling with Kids: Kid Friendly Europe 101

  1. You’ve shared some great tips, Jennifer. Certainly, we are fortunate that there are so many online resources that make the planning of any trip SO much easier. And, yes. Bringing your own food and drinks along will always save you a wad of cash. No matter where you’re travelling!


  2. What did we do before the internet! Seriously it all use to be much more difficult. We shop at the local grocery store and eat in a lot. We travel a lot and I can not eat every meal out! It is expensive and time consuming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly.. I have no idea what we did before the internet. I think we read a lot. Maybe just winged it too. We shop at the local grocery stores too! We have been to 12 countries THIS year alone. So I feel ya. It is VERY expensive. 🙂 Thank you for commenting.


    1. I know someone else that is a courier with Canvas Holidays too! We travel with our kids all the time. So much cheaper than shipping back to grandma/grandpas. Then again we are a 10 hour flight away. 😦

      I honestly love traveling with them. I get many amazing memories with them. They will not shut up about our Disney trip, Croatia trip and our cruise. Those are the ones they keep bothering me to go back to. They really loved those places!


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