Prague Weekend Trip with Kid-Friendly Europe 101

So ready for my review of Prague??? Too bad here it goes.

We ALL had an amazing time in Prague. We booked an apartment via Wimdu and we stayed at the Royal Courts Apartments on Legarova. One of the perks was that the Metro was only a block away. The apartment was very nice. Had a nice bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, high ceilings and plenty of room for our family of 5. The staff was very helpful and professional.

Prague is bustling with activities for the kids to do! We went to several parks (we kinda ran into them). There is a park on the castle side of the Charles Bridge and there is also a park by the lift to the observatory tour at the bottom. We went to 2 Mirror Mazes (one of them was by the observatory tower and the other one was near the Palladium Mall). We all loved them!

After the mirror maze we took a break inside the Palladium mall. There are tons of different shops and restaurants of different cuisines. Inside of the yogurt place there is even childcare!!  Guess who had some kid-free time? We did!

The Metro certainly is easy to navigate and we used it everyday. We parked at the centrum parking garage. It was 1380 crowns which is $64 approx for 48 hours.

We saw majority of the touristy sites! If you are looking for a cheap weekend vacation go to Prague. Amazing time. We will be back!

Drive time is 5 hours from Kaiserslautern, Germany

Tip: Also check out the store called Tiger! Your kids will love it!  That is where we bought our mustaches!


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